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Richard Wolff is an Idiot

I just watched a guy named Richard Wolff yell about Uber for 10 minutes. Can you imagine being a poor son of a bitch to be stuck in a lecture class with him? The worst part is he is a complete waste of time. I mean look at this guy, I've seen pornographic directors with more class.
This guy begins with false premises and therefore his conclusion is not valid. I'm not an Uber fan boy, but the fact of the matter is TL&C (Taxi, Limo, and Cab) insurance is regulated on a state to state basis. There is no federal mandate for cab companies to insure or cover their drivers. Most cab companies require a driver carry coverage, but the check of that is soley the responsibility of the driver. Ergo, you have a system that is no better, worse, or different than Uber in many states.

He also makes the brash assumption that Uber has "weaseled" its way into the TL&C service, and this could not be further from an false premise. Thirty years ago, taxi companies won the right …

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