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Ugetsu Review

Whatever I say in this review, I just want to make one thing clear before I begin Ugetsu Monogatari is a Masterpiece. However, I believe it to be a masterpiece entirely different reasons than a conventional movie critic. I hope I make the reasons clear within this review.

I have a PhD in this stuff, so the notes will be generally my own, as are conclusions and explanations. Thank you for watching. Hit that subscribe button.

Based on the waka of Ueda Akinari, Ugetsu Monogatari, (a waka is a book of poetry in Japanese)

Born in July 1734 in Osaka a major economic business hub of Japan. Akinari, the name by which he is known is actually his pen name. Some of his works were published anonymously and later attributed to him.

His mother's name was Matuso Osaki was largely to be believed to be a prostitute, while he was adopted into a family where he inherited a business inherited by his adoptive father, for 10 years.

During this time he published ukiyo-zohshi stories. Uikyozohshi me…

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