January 17, 2016

Reading Termainal Market during Christmas

Walk through Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia during Christmas time.

December 8, 2015


A long time favorite of mine was a bug, design flaw an inherit flaw born out of laziness. The word is, the designers of Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin did not want to animate the walk cycles and thought it would be far easier if Sherlock's olde chum simply appeared behind him.

They were correct, it was indeed far simpler. However what they did not take into account was Watson's new creepy personae. This video captures it excellently. And, on a related aside, reminds me of my wife. Who, much like Watson, has the habit of simply appearing behind me at any given monument. In fact, as I write this, I am unnerved to look over my shoulder.

December 4, 2015

The Dig - Lucas Arts

Let's Play The Dig 1995 - By Lucas Arts -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/thefaustianman

November 29, 2015

I like to Watch

I don't spend all my time making videos. And between other things, I do like to watch creative people as to draw inspiration. This can take many forms. Recently, with the release of "Lost Themes" by John Carpenter, I have been more of a VFX/SFX/Make up Effects mood. And as luck would have it I found make up videos on several eye catching variations on a theme.

However, I am more impressed that these are make up videos that do not suck. Think of it. You can do anything you want in the YouTube world, but most just make standard make up vids that echo a magazine. Most girls, and people in general, are pretty boring.