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Blacks Targeting Asians for Crime in Philadelphia Chinatown

Philadelphia's Chinatown has been besieged by the homeless. Most recently a throng of young African American males have started to live on the stairs of one of its Buddhist Temples. They used to leer into the shops and gawk at the passers by at the same time crime rates have steadily risen outside the temple. Car break-ins, apartment robberies, assault, and theft have grown exponentially as well as their numbers. Most recently a string of bank robberies, targeting Chinatown owned banks have also started popping up. Philadelphia's Chinatown is not big by any stretch of the imagination, and it is inconceivable 3 banks were robbed in such a short amount of time, so close to each other by the same black male. Probably attributed to zero police presence in the neighborhood. Now the temple stairs have been boarded shut, although the homeless continue to infest Chinatown. Even after the robberies, the police are still no where to be found. It's quite sad, Asian-American business…

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