April 13, 2016

The Phialdelphia Experiment: Tiffany's Bakery at the Gallery Mall

A tasty cake in an abandoned mall.

The Philadelphia Experiment: Philly Lights

Philadelphia City Lights at the Magic Hour, after a rain.

April 6, 2016

Rocky Steps After Hours

The Rocky Steps are primarily used as a workout place after the museum closes by the local Philadelphians. There are also some nice places and some ignored pieces of art that lay just around the perimeter of the museum itself.

April 4, 2016

Philadelphia Flower Show 2016 Part 2

The long awaited Part 2, to the Philadelphia Flower Show 2016.

The video had three copyright matches for ambient music. Hence the  sound should cut out in some spots. Understandable, and the copyright holders were more than happy to take ad rev, but I don't feel comfortable with 3rd parties holding copyrights on my vids. What if they changed their minds, also the video was blocked in some countries, which I also think is wrong. Hence, it is now free from 3rd party copyrights, and should be watchable in all countries.

March 8, 2016

Philadelphia Flower Show 2016

PHS Philadelphia Flower Show . I am not into flowers at all. Even in the slightest. I grew up across from a park, but that is about close I interacted with nature in NYC. However, I am simultaneously and continuously impressed by this Philadelphia Flower Show. The colors and uncanny displays are a delight.

Since, YouTube has recently begun crazy copyright practices and unfairly (and wrongly) giving other people ownership of videos, I decided to leave background and stock sounds and music out this video. And, in reality, most people mute the background music and play something else instead. So I figured I would do half of the work for them. The only part that has audio is The Park Ranger lecturing.