An Act of Truth: Ashoka The Great & Bindumati The Whore

A final draft of the story of "An Act of Truth", a topic I plan to speak about at a lecture in the future. The lecture itself is of a much more substantial breadth than the video.

However, I thought this particular part may be of interest to some. The video is merely something to look at, while the final would be much too long and too large for YouTube's allowance. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

About The Story
The Milinda PaƱha, which roughly translates to "Questions of Milinda". Its manuscript dates back 1495 C.E., although the text is believed to be older. And it is not found throughout all Buddhist sects. It is primarily a post-canonical work of the The Theravada school that only appears in Burmese Tipitaka. It tells of the great Buddhist emperor Ashoka The Great. Ashoka means fearless in Sanskrit. The story takes place where the modern city of Patna lies...

An Act of Truth: Ashoka The Great & Bindumati The Whore

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  1. Thank you! Nope, I have never read them, I am going to look that up on wiki right now...


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