Panning for Gold and Hiking with Lovemattermost on YouTube

Lovemattersmost is a YouTube vlogger who makes really interesting vlogs. He reviews books, goes on hikes, eats healthily, and explores parts of his hometown. In other words, he does everything I do not.

I like the idea of nature, but it's something I rarely get to encounter living in the city. I hate the sun, the bugs, and mainly the bugs. So I like to live vicariously through Brian's vids. Below is a link to one of his more recent ones, hope you enjoy them.

The links are below:

HIKING: Camping On The Feather River, California

And you can visit his channel at:

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  1. Love the water - was that a huge batch of ginkgo growing by the river? That is the biggest I've ever seen the leaves grow! Some urban places have reservoirs - you should try getting out to one. Great for an excape right in the city.

  2. Looked like Ginko! Good to know someone else saw that. I am terrible with identifying fauna. There is a reservoir in Central Park, and there is one up in the Bronx. I'll probably stick to the one in Central Park, when I get back. Hahaha! There was a news story on the reservoirs recently. Apparently a beaver has come back. They were hunted to extinction in the area by fur traders and such back in the 19th/early 20th century.


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