Yelping Now

I feel so much better, although I am told I still look “ashy” and sometimes I get tired a little too quickly.
Although, now I can think straight and coordinate my actions.

I thought I would open up an account on Yelp. I travel a lot, and I live in an area that has a lot of places to eat. So why not?

Now, Yelp itself has a mixed review itself of its honesty. Some places say, they are contacted by Yelp marketeers and asked if they would like to sponsor Yelp.  And if they agree, they remove some or all the negative reviews of the place. So, Yelp lacks integrity.

Yet, knowing this I still joined up.  Why? I don’t know.  I guess it always seemed appealing and interesting to help a business that has been pretty good.  And if a business is going to go to the trouble of buying off Yelp’s silence…well what can I say?  A bad restaurant can only get you once. And the places I go, I’ve been going for ages. Plus, it seems like a nice enough crowd, and they have forums.

I tend to “buy-in” when I know all the aspects of something, all the good and all the bad.  And despite knowing the bad side of Yelp, I am still buying in.  Of course, it’s free…so that hyperbole doesn’t really hold.
Anyway if you want to find me on Yelp, you can get there by either a Google search or looking on top of my WordPress for the link.


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