Ecco Homo

"Genius depends on dry air, on clear skies--that is, on rapid metabolism, on the possibility of drawing again and again on great, even tremendous quantities of strength." -Nietzsche

I don't know what happened to me lately. Ever since I had gotten better from the flu, I have been in a fit of creativity and work production. Unlike anything that I've seen in a really long time. This of course, leads me to believe my idea about cycles of the human body. Where, the "good years", are only part of a larger cycle and "bad years" are necessary to fuel sufficient productivity and output...a dormancy, if you will...

These are the friends I spent the weekend with.

Unfortunately summer approaches, and with it, I believe it will dry up this spell I have been under for some months. One thing is for sure, I can see how the people came to believe in muses.

The summer is an absolutely terrible time of year. Perhaps that's why Hawaii is in such a state that it is in. There is no culture there...well to be fair, one can say it's in the waves...but I ask you what is that?
No great minds or arts coming out of that area. It's like a giant project graduation for adults, in certain respects. You want to be a rapper? Here you go. You want to be a clothing designer? Sure. You want to own your own business? Absolutely.

In other words, it's quintessentially small town. And within the confines of that type of environment, and surrounded by its people, creativity is stifled, and no one knows of culture, the arts, and sciences.

And in the summer, everywhere becomes a Hawaii. That is my terror. That is what I dread.


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