Year Two: Thank You

So it has come, my two year anniversary on YouTube. I want to thank all of you who have rated, commented, subscribed to my videos. Unfortunately, there is no way I can thank everyone who watched my vids, as I have no idea who that is. So, I did the next best thing, and thanked everyone that has ever left a comment within the last year.

I hope you have gotten something from this channel.

I look forward to the future. 

Today is your day, and again I thank all of you


  1. Hey Faust, what a feel-good video! I'm really honored for being listed among the other "inmates," who are forced to watch your channel at gunpoint! Haha! Brian. PS: "What a wonderful World" by Joey Ramone! Who wudda thought it possible? Fantastic!

  2. Congratulations on reaching year Two!

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes and congratulations on the two year benchmark!

    This was a great video as usual. Like you, I'm also really looking forward to the future!

  4. Thank you Brian, C, and Hiroki! I am glad all of you liked it.

  5. Congrats dear and real albeit new friend :)

  6. That Mormon ad thing is creepy and weird !
    Good post !


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