Superman and Clark Kent: Diety and Jungian Shadow

Superman III is dismissed by many as something sub par. I disagree, it is anything but. Perhaps it is too brilliant for the "common man" (or woman as Superman I was clearly an attempt to tell an origin story while attempting to win many a female fan. How else could you explain Margot Kidder as a love interest?)

Superman III attempts to tackle the psychological duality of Superman and Clark Kent. Specifically the schism within the soul of Superman, and ultimately the unification of both aspects of God and Man. Whereas Superman II was more of a passion play. Perhaps, more of a character study whereby it analyzes the division of Clark and Superman --bodily. Something too dumb not to be understood. Yes, that's right, Superman is strong, Clark is weak, and Rocky is a jerk.

Superman III has some redeeming qualities, and this scene is, perhaps, the most groundbreaking in the Superman movie and television franchise en toto.

Christopher Reeve also shows his range as an actor, showing why he is missed and certainly can never be replaced.


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