DCUO: It isn't exactly Eve Online

Superman and Carnegie

Eve Online, for those of you who do not know, is a science-fiction game where cheating, scamming, and exploits are encouraged. If not, specifically encouraged, are at least fostered. DC Online is the antithesis of that. However, like all human-systems, there are natural complications that arise due to the conflict of personal psychology.

Introvert's Beach Party

In my old league, "MidnightMadness", a few had felt like it was time to branch out and find greener pasture under a new banner. LordLava a man whose ambition for growth is only matched by his ambition for PVP had done an excellent job of growing the league. However, he had felt he needed his own league. Hence, he started “WeDareYou” and many of us came with him. “WeDareYou” is now the league I am a member in if anyone is curious.We operate at all hours on the USPC server.

And we are always growing and looking for players. I must admit from its humble beginnings LordLava and everyone involved with the league had done an excellent job recruiting, inviting, and building the league with good players.

Thankfully no one has blood on his hands. The same cannot be said with the Eve Online debacle that happened a bit ago. Just a warning, if you are scammed in Eve Online a GM will not help you get your stuff back. If you are scammed in DC Online a GM will help you get your stuff back. Happy gaming!


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