Was Star Wars Ever Good? John Simon Was Right.

Some thoughts I've had about Star Wars. More of a Vlog of thoughts than a proper video. The critic, John Simon, who I keep referring to as Sam Simon, reviews Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. And it amazes me, that the things he says, are precisely the problems with the prequels. Which, leads me to think that they were always the problems. That at it's core Star Wars was never very good. And since I had gotten into it as a child, I had inflated it to be something it was not.


  1. Simon's argument in a nutshell: all fantasy is bad, and only works within the movement of realism have insight into the human psyche worth the consideration of serious adults. Which is exactly the sort of sentiment that makes "serious" adults seem stuffy and unimaginative.

    1. Thank you for your insight. I see it as a bit ironic. In that Simon's argument essentially boils down to what the most ardent Star Wars fans say about the prequels. Flat characters, way too much CGI, and a poor story and character development, and over choreographed fight scenes. It is essentially similar to the gripes Red Letter Media had about Star Wars I-III.


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