Finding Your Muse

Our time is running out—No Man is guaranteed tomorrow.

It is a duty: Seek One of great believe'ed beauty.

One that holds you transfixed;

One that stirs your deepest desires;

One that is a depth charge within your soul.

One who smashes value into pieces.

To hold; covet; posses.

To poor over,

To brood over;

To stir good & evil in thine unbeknownst self.

Quietly hovering above contemplation.

And foolishly delving into frantic action.

If you are unlucky to find your One; find something.

Hold it close to the sanctity of your being.

Hide it; there are vultures near!

Do not betray yourself:

It must be protected and above all—protected from Yourself.

Don't be slighted by guilt.

Don't be beguiled by fate.

Make it your own. And by doing so,are mastering fate.

Revel in delight.

For you are rendered unto fate.

Tragedy is: A man betrays himself

Soulless and Tragedy is everywhere.

What is Oblivion: Quietly fading away into sublime joy.

There is a story of enlightenment that goes as follows:

One night a little moth was flying back to his home. On his way, he saw a candle burning through a window. The little moth smashed himself into the glass over and over again. Despite all the pain—he desired nothing else than to be with is beloved flame. The next morning, when the candle was extinguished, and he left for home. The little moth was bruised, battered, and sore.

Upon seeing his miserable condition, his friends had asked, “What happened to you?” He tried to explain the beauty he had discovered previous night, but the only responded by telling him how dangerous it was. “Clearly,” one bee said, “it is bad for you! Just look at you! You should have nothing to do with it” The moth grew discouraged and disgusted with trying to explain himself. And grew quite.

That very night, still very soar and battered, he awoke and flew to the flame again—and this time, he and his beloved were united.

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