There are events in the world that make you feel as though you were a little boy.

There are events in the world that make you feel as though you were a little boy.

Helpless in a vast, and suddenly, gigantic world. Times of great vulnerability. I wonder how other adults deal with times like these. Then I realize, I am an “adult” and it feels odd thinking of myself as such. I mean I feel no inherent change within me.

And then I think of Joe Rogan, an American comedian. When he was young, his parents, along with other adults would often justify their actions with the phrase, “You'll understand when you get older.”

“Well,” he explains “this is it.” He is older. And nothing makes sense. Nothing. He is neither enlightened by his age and either are his fellow adults. And the scarier part, by far, such adults are in charge of important things.

What do most people do when they feel this vulnerability? What do they turn to when the floor drops out from under them?

I would say, most fall back onto entertainment, to distract them from troubles or worries. The others, perhaps the more intellectual, will look towards a quote they can use. And yet, others will use a combination of the two, and some religion for good measure.

However, I cannot help thinking: Isn't this all an attitude of puerility? And ultimately we're all looking for an “adult” to tell us, “everything is alright.”, while we are at are most vulnerable? Similar in the way we were supposed to understand when we were older.

Clearly, taking advice for comfort, hiding your head in the sand with religion, or distracting yourself with entertainment all the same thing? Different ways to deal with pain. All equally foolish.

And yet we are all so helpless underneath the stars.

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