What You Need To Know Before Buying A Canon HV40

I just posted this on the HV forums, and it has to go through moderation. So, in case it doesn't post or to make it double searchable, I will post it here too. 

Hello all!

First, let me thank you for making this forum. The members are both knowledgeable and courteous, and thanks to the Admin and staff and whoever else makes this all possible.

I am new to the club, I haven't owned a camcorder in a very, very long time. I never saw the point as I didn't really “need” or want one. However that all changed a few weeks ago.

Let me get to my story: After looking at many videos and reading more about video production, codecs, AVCHD, MPEG-2, True HD, HDMI, Sony specs, solid state cameras, pulldown, what the “i” and “p” stand for, visiting a ton of review websites (some in German) and everything else. I made the decision to purchase a Canon HV40.

I quickly figured out why mostly all the vids are either dubbed over with music or have external mic rigs. It sounds like a cicada has permanently attached itself on the side of my HV40. Alright, perhaps I am being a bit dramatic. I am a damned audiophile, who spent years chasing tone for my guitar rig. I modded my own amps, customized my guitar, experimented with dozens of microphones, and other stuff to get as close to my idea of perfection as possible.

I really don't have a question, as many of them have already been answered by those unfortunate souls who purchased their camera before me—only to be disheartened. However, I would like to make a post for someone like myself (another audiophile) who has not yet bought a HV40. So they can either avoid or prepare themselves for the headache of ownership (and the dreaded buzz).

First, there is this great video on HSF11, the HV30, and Canon's internal mic. He also does professional segments in Korea. He is Qi Ranger and his video can be found:

If you are not sure what you will need for this camera to edit PC-wise I found The Video Guys. They look like a friendly bunch, who say they will help with all your editing station questions—just give'em a call. But there really isn't a need to contact them if you read their site thoroughly. I found the answers to many of my questions. This is the link:


Then there is this guy who makes videos on microphones:


Here is a good one on (balanced and unbalanced mics).

Now all of these guys, save Qi Ranger, are in the business, but I did not link to their actual sale links. You don't have to buy from them or follow precisely what they say (you have free will afterall). However, if you watch all of them, you'll get a decent education on the said field; more so than reading amazon comments and CNET reviews (which are nothing more than conjecture in my experience) and, if you feel you would like to compensate them for their knowledge, perhaps you can make a purchase from them. That is, if they sell what you are looking for. Videoguys teach you how to custom-build a computer, but do not sell the computer or any of the parts (save one). They just tell you where they went—and from as far as I can tell do not get any type of commission on the purchase.

In closing, I would like to add that I am fortunate enough to be able to experiment and this camera is not going to break the bank. Also, I don't “have” to use the camera, as some may have the actual need, only to find they need more items along with this camera. And lest we not forget there are those of us who cannot afford to make such purchases lightly—and they should be well informed.

If you have similar links you believe are more helpful than those already posted, please post them.

Any additional suggestions are welcome. Like what type of carrying case do you suggest and the like.

I must say I am disappointed with the HV40, however it was nice to find so many genuinely nice and knowledgeable people who were glad to help me as best they could.

P.S. -You may need to buy a firewire cable for this camera if you want to go 4-pin to 4-pin or 6-pin. The USB 2.0 plug is strictly for transferring pictures of the miniSD card.

After that I found this post on the same forum:

Sold my beloved HV30 with the full intention to buy HV40.

But then had some doubts.

So if you needed to buy a cam today what would it be?

My Answer:

Not the HV40. I think I would stick with a panasonic dmc tz7.

If you think you need more then you might be wrong.

This whole video was shot with it

HD, easy enough to import, no tape buzz, long battery life, extra battery is as big as a book of matches, anti-shake, looks great on TV, and you can buy more than two of them for the price of one HV.

Remember it's never the camera.

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