I am great at spotting fake happiness; I worked in Advertising

There is a certain phoniness that is conveyed in pictures, and really great ones have a way of fooling the viewer with a certain cheapness, that the viewer knows exists, and yet, gets the viewer to ignore that and to focus upon something else. Great pictures function extraordinarily similar to optical illusions.

I chose to take pictures where this is presented upfront, and looks within to see an inherent beauty or rhythm in the object itself. I don't think this makes me a great photographer, however I would like to think they make an interesting subject in the picture.

For these are the private moments between performances, the respite between thoughts, and the breath between promulgating panegyrics. Or perhaps it is just luck, and someone doing a poor job at their esthetics.

People, currently, are all-too aware of cameras and where a picture may indeed end up. A picture taken at a small gathering in Minsk, can be seen by someone traversing the Sudan in a few seconds. We all know this; it certainly doesn't come as a shock.

And yet, I think, people, just as when they view a great picture, are willingly fooled by loveless marriages, abuse, neglect, and the other secret evils human beings commit against each other. And worse yet, these transgressors of humanity are often defined as success, and if not success itself, it can be rationalized as “the price of success”.

Success has always been a great liar.


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