BillyDKY is Dead

**UPDATE September 3, 2011**

At first, I thougth it was odd. This man made a lot of videos daily. But he recently moved into a new place, and I thought he just got too busy to make vids. No big deal.

Then, today, I suspected something was up. YouTube doesn't always give me updates on the subscriptions I have. Then I found all the RIP messages on his page.

Apparently—BillyDKY took his own life last week.

Don't feel bad for me, I didn't know him outside of YouTube. I thought he was a good guy, but I wasn't attached. This isn't a sympathy blog. And Billy would agree with that.

Life goes on. It's certainly shocking on some levels, but he is at peace now.

There have been some great videos that people have made in his tribute.

However to sum it up best, here's Billy in his own words on death.

Until then, later folks.

** I recently found some of his writings. They can be accessed at from there you should be able to access more of his blogs and writings. Sometimes you have to be signed in for some reason or Blogspot things they don't exist.**


  1. That is truly so sad. Having struggled with depression myself, and having a son that tried to overdose really brings this home to me. To think that Billy was so charismatic in how he spoke and reached so many people but he was unable to beat the depression battle. I get that, I really do. So sorry, Billy!!

  2. I feel bad for BillyDKY. I mean he was really smart and pretty young. Damn shame!

  3. I agree. He looks ill or did he have an eating disorder. Depression can be a huge thing to overcome and sometimes people just do not have the resources to overcome it.

  4. Not that I know of. He was a vegan and had a very strict diet - even stricter than most. No "junk" food at all.

  5. hard to say overall what tipped him over the edge... he was an insightful being.

    i know this thread is dead but does anyone know where all of billy dky's blog on "Following the way of Growth" can be found? the link on youtube doesn't work and i can't get into the blog via the site, any suggestion?

  6. Sorry, I don't have any idea where that would be. He had a down load link somewhere, maybe that's still working. I was unaware both blogs had been shut down. So, either he or someone in his family shut them down.

    You might want to try messaging his YouTube, as his family still might check that one.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Wow. Sometimes life takes us in interesting discoveries. I found this:

    There are some of his writings on there.

  8. I talked to the guy a bit on youtube, his UFC stuff was interesting. I was shocked, it was the first time that someone I had talked to had taken their own life. Although we just chatted briefly over the internet, it was very sad. I stopped looking at his vids for a few months, then looked him up to see what he was up to, then I discovered he was dead!! It was unusual because he often talked about how suicide was the easy way out, 'life is hard, death is easy' I recall him saying.


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