Happy Birthday America

I hope everyone is having a great time on the 4th. Stay cool out there.

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  1. Where are you that is so cold? Great seeing you on videolog! Stay warm and Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Hahaha! Planet Hoth! If you're a Star Wars fan you'll get the joke! Thanks!

  3. Hahaha! Well I am saying it to my American brethren. Not the government necessarily. hahaha! The beautiful country is separate from the government in my mind. What do the mountains, the beaches, and the forests know about government. But then again, men cannot disassociate even with the guiltiest of his brothers. We are all brothers under one nation. ;)Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hello !
    Very nice your way of thinking !
    Thank you for your open-mind!

    Happy Birthday for your way of thinking!

  5. hahaha! It's never too late to get it back. ;)

  6. Kind of a neat way to spend your July 4th! I did have an epic one indeed. I only missed one night of July 4th fireworks in my life (last summer) so I'm glad this one was so wonderful. :) I like your blog too. The videoposts are always fun to watch. :)


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