Blog Surfer is like VOX's Neighborhood

I think it was Freedomsmith who told me about blog surfer, either that or it's a completely false memory.Anyway, I credit her. Like Einstein says, "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."

I tell you, every scientist dreams of a world without ethics. ;)

Anyway, this will allow you to create a neighborhood, however, it can only be seen from your dashboard.

If you go Dashboard (NOT GLOBAL)> Blog Surfer>then copy and paste in the url of the WordPress people you would like in your "neighborhood"

> Press ADD

> select the time period from you would like to be updated>Press GO

And VOILĂ€ you have your neighborhood back!

I was getting a bit overwhelmed with all the E-Mails I was receiving. I am not that popular mind you, it's just that I have my other accounts all linked to that address.

So it's nice to get a breather and check in on people under "Blog Surfer".

I hope this helps.



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