I Have No Idea What I Am Doing

None. Whatsoever. This is even more confusing than Tumblr. Oh well, this is as far as I have gotten. Maybe I'll do more later.


  1. LOL...here is a real comment :) I am very impressed at what you have learned. Wow!! I love the way you made the title large. What do the tiny words under it mean? Than you did such a cool tagline. Wow. I can tell you know tons about computers. I have been stumbling all over the place!!

    I get a bit confused when I get to your page. I had to look closely to figure out what posts were the most recent and to figure out how to leave a comment.

    What does the bog to the right that says, "Brood," mean??

    What do you use the general navigator for?

    Thanks for answering my tons of questions. What does the gobbledigoop "computer-speak" under this box mean???

    Glad you are here. I think I will come to you if I have quesitons!!!

  2. (I'm still here by the way! Let me know if you want me to send my password to you for the protected posts)

  3. Why, thank you! The words under it are Latin for "Know thy enemy" or "Know your enemy" but in the more plural, and abstract sense than the individual.

    Brood is simply a search feature that lets you search anywhere on my blog. I liked that term better than the generic "SEARCH". hahaha.

    Oh the general navigator is great. It allows me to but a button on my browser that takes me right to my page, from there I can click Log-In instead of going to the other Wordpress stuff. Or I can use it instead of using the buttons on the top for dashboard, and so on.

    Feel free to ask me anything. I might not know, but at least you can take a shot !;)


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