The Mall That Time Forgot: Art & Comics

One part mystique and one part inspiration.

Growing up on Manhattan you hear many things about the wilds of New Jersey: Witchs' Covens, Abandoned Nazi Training Camps atop a mountain stronghold, Rundown Insane Asylums, Gigantic Sculptures honoring Alien Gods in the middle of nowhere, Rivers of Toxic Waste, and Ghost Towns from some bygone era.

Naturally, whenever the opportunity had presented itself, I always took up the chance to explore The "Garden State." This habit would extend into my collegiate and professional life. Here's a little secret about people from Manhattan: New Jersey is a land of adventure to us.

Hence, when I was offered a contract in Philadelphia, I could not resist the siren's call of New Jersey.
And I responded with a trek into a part of Jersey I am largely unfamiliar with, South Jersey.

What I discovered was something more than the mere lands of suburban Philadelphia. Although I cannot quite put it into words.

As I pen this summary and upload the video to YouTube, the contract has long since expired and now I am back home on Manhattan.

And in reflection, what started out as something I was inspired to do from a YouTube duo I watch: Shawn and MJ ( and , respectively), turned out to be part musing, part waxing philosophically, and part...well I don't quite know. But I hope you find it entertaining.

And thus concludes my suburban adventure.

[Subtitles coming later in the week.]


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