I am no where near 100 percent yet.

I thought I was much better than I was. The cough has subsided, slightly, and I've been feeling well enough, putting around the house and doing some light work. Hence, today I thought I would go out for a brisk constitutional—my mistake. It appears, as though, under certain circumstances I am seemingly healthy, however this flu has clearly taken a larger total on my health than I had originally assumed. This particular naivete had led me into feeling ill yet again, although no tangible signs of a relapse. And yet, a general feeling of malaise and exhaustion courses throughout my entire body.

Luckily, milady has been taking excellent care of me. Carefully monitoring what I eat, and making only the healthiest and most delectable meals— she has always been a great cook. Why, look what she whipped up today:

Hot fluffy rice with sausage and ketchup for dinner. As I still cannot eat anything “too heavy” yet. The conundrum lies in how to meet my required protein intake without eating meat. Being I need a good amount of carbohydrates and protein until (whatever it is) finally leaves me in peace.

I was productive enough to get some videos done. Now all I have to do is edit them. Maybe I can make a realistic return to YouTube by the end of February.


  1. Damn, that food looks nice.

    As for the flu, relapses are the most frustrating part. I've had up to 2-3 relapses before, with the symptons appearing almost entirely gone - only to find myself sick again the next day or with the slightest trigger.

    I feel for you, you never really consider illness so frustrating and draining until you actually get it. And then you complain until it goes away.

    Anyway, interesting content, nice blog, followed.

  2. Wow, 2-3??! Wow, sucks. Thanks man I appreciate it.

  3. "I thought I was much better than I was."

    Yes, you do think you are way better than you actually are. That's the only useful statement you make in your entire blog.

  4. Y'know what? That actually looks...oddly...delicious.

    I'm going to hell. :(


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