People Watching at the Red Stairs, Times Square, NYC

I have the flu. So I thought you'd like a quick little video of my city, until I am well enough to make a proper vid.

The best thing about living in the city is the diverse amount of culture you can find anywhere at any given time.

There's the good, bad, and everything in between. But what I cannot stress is the importance of living in a non-homogeneous society.

There are so many interesting people I meet walking on the street.

Escape the suburbs or country, and get to a proper city. You'll never regret it. And if you can't, watch as many different types of movies you can.


  1. Oh, I sometimes regret living in a big city, but there are of course a lot of advantages.

  2. love hate is a perfect description. Im with you though man, nothing better than living in the city.


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