Kid Crazy: Why We Exaggerate the Joys of Parenthood

Now TIME magazine is getting into the fray. Not that I think TIME is a respectable publication... but still ... strange bedfellows and all...

All parents know that having kids is a blessing — except when it's a nightmare of screaming fits, diapers, runny noses, wars over bedtimes and homework and clothes. To say nothing of bills too numerous to list. Some economists have argued that having kids is an economically silly investment; after all, it's cheaper to hire end-of-life care than to raise a child. Now comes new research showing that having kids is not only financially foolish but that kids literally make parents delusional.


  1. Ha. Exactly what I've been trying to tell my mom for years and years and years.

    Kids? Good grief. No doctor-husband, yellow house, white picket fence, golden retriever, 2.5 kids for me, thanks. I'm pretty sure I'd go batshit insane.

  2. Ah! You've just described my own personal Gitmo.


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