Sitting at my breakfast nook and contemplating the world: A really pretentious title for eating a sandwich

I am off today! Thank goodness, right before summer is the busiest time for me. And then in April I plan my lecture schedule. After I got home from work, I collapsed in bed and fell right asleep. Then I awoke and made myself a delicious sandwich. 

Taylor-ham (or pork-roll depending on what part of the country you are from)egg and cheese with some ketchup. Everything a growing boy needs.

I like they way the eat in Colombia. In Colombia there is a saying:

In the Morning: Eat like a King
In the Afternoon: Eat like a Prince
In the Evening: Eat like a Pauper

In other words, a big heavy breakfast, followed by a decent lunch, and lastly, a modest dinner. This is a holdover from a country who's primary industry was manual labor. In other words, Colombians wanted something hearty to sustain them in the morning working the fields, then lunch to finish up their work. And lastly, a little food for bed.

I tend to hate breakfast food in the morning. I don't really like looking at it, and eating it just doesn't seem as filling. Where at night, I wouldn't mind some eggs, and toast, or pancakes, or french toast.

On another note, the more I look around, the more I realize the world has passed me by. It was Randal Graves's lament in “Clerks 2”. Interestingly enough, a movie where the main protagonist is time itself. There is no arch-villain or anything else like that. Unlike “Clerks” where the main protagonist was Dante himself. This one explored the outer world in a very interesting fashion. I mean how many movies do you see made about average middle-class suburbans? Okay don't answer that. How many movies do you see made about 30-something year old men, who are stuck in under-employment?

Maybe tomorrow night, I'll head up to The Red Stairs and get some video of the world around me and its inhabitants. Should be as good a time as any to see what “The World” has been up to. Some of you introverts (and I guess extroverts) might enjoy seeing the world around me, in one of the most populated, commercialized, areas on Manhattan.


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