Cherry Blossoms, Reincarnation, Mono No Aware 物の哀れ and Hanafabuki

Americans will adopt any tradition, as long as it gives them an excuse to celebrate, and, of course to perform. After all, America is the birthplace of the motion picture camera and its lifelong companion: the television.

Hence, the American celebration of the Japanese tradition of the Cherry Blossom festival. Although, it differs greatly. Despite both being festivals, the underlying reasons for the festivals are completely different.

In Japan, the emphasis is on the tree itself. While in America the emphasis is more on the performance than the tree. The trees function more as an ambiance to the environment. Despite another government shutdown looming, one thing the American people were assured: The Cherry Blossom Festival will carry on! As it did in 1995 and 1996, when the government really did shutdown.

Absolutely hilarious, and that hallmark of American optimism that most countries mistake as naivete.

Here I attempt to explain the reasons, particularly the Japanese sense of Aesthetics dealing with sorrow, and loss named aware.


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