How to meet other Satanists?


  1. I find your interest in Satanism interesting. I've read the Satanic Bible a few years ago, but I'll admit that it really wasn't my cup of tea.

    I understand what they're saying, ie. another derivative of secular humanism, but is it really necessary to associate themselves with the occult? The Church of Satan professes to be wholly secular, but then they have all these rituals with supernatural undertones.

    I think it's a understandable move to use Satan as their icon, I don't disagree with this strategy. But somehow calling one's movement "Satanism" is just asking for trouble, be it angry, idiotic teenagers looking to be "special" or the media never quite understanding that Satan is used as a figurative icon only.

  2. Oh you crack me up! I love the way you write, I lol'd. I don't know if you intentionally wanted to be funny, but when I put your analytical tone with a bunch of SPs running around, it just equals comedy. You might see it too if your imagery is right.

    I would say it's an interest, or more like I get a kick out of the people attracted to it. They always have great stories (like the 30 hits of LSD [or LDS during the free speech movement at Berkley - if you get my Star Trek IV reference]).

    I never got the idea of how they have rituals and then use titles like: Program Director. If I was in charge I would want straight Devil Worshiping. I would give people titles like: Grand Hydra or Hierophant. I would use much more pageantry, and make it really colorful.

    I agree with your disagreement of their strategy. But I think that's what they want. Kinda what the electric guitar was before John Mayer and such, if you will.

    I love when they explain that they don't worship the fallen angel, because that would be stupid. Who wants to worship someone who lost. But rather the ideals he stood for. I used this to explain to a few people Satanism, and their jaw drops. They can't quite get the rationalization.

    I would say it all works out in the end. I mean Judas betrayed Jesus and he still got paid.

  3. Haha, yeah. "Hello sir, what do you do?" "Well, after receiving my MBA at Brown University, I'm now the associate program director. At THE CHURCH OF SATAN."

    I agree, Overlord/Behemoth/something equally cliche is more suitable. The more it sounds like it got pulled straight off some low-budget horror flick from the 70s, the better I say!

  4. I lol'd again. You know, you have a future in Comedy. I wonder how you'd do on stand-up? I have some friends that do stand-up, and they are the most quiet and calm people you would ever meet then when they get on stage. BAM!

    Gilbert Gottfried, has one of the quietest voices I have ever heard.

    But when he is on stage, or the voice of Yago or the Afflack'd never think it was him.

    Behemoth would be an awesome title. I would write back to my Alumni Magazine, you know how they do those news and updates?
    William is now the Behemouth at The Church Of Satan LLC in North Carolina. He has is Master of Business Finance and a Minor in the Occult and graduated with the glass of 1994.


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