New York Number 2 in Segregation

Why is New York on this list? Why, indeed.

Many people who move here for college, the summer, or remain in their relative upper-middle-class income bracket think it's a pretty integrated city.

This could not be the furthest from the truth.

If you pay attention to the different subway lines, for instance, you will notice different lines have different groups of people, because New Yorkers use their wealth and status to insulate themselves.
In other words, the people who ride the “L” line will be more suburban, white, and middle-class than those who ride the 4,5 or, 6 which will seem to be more inline with the preconceived notions one may have of New York City.

Social status plays a very important role here, although many people may be largely unaware of such regalia of status in a bustling metropolis, especially if they are from an out-of-town-upper-middle-class background (or variation of lower classes).

For instance, Bill Gates would not be allowed to live in much of what is considered the prime real estate in New York. Why? Well, who exactly is he? And by that, I mean he is not an “old boy.” And I also want to point out, it is not only whites who practice this, but the affluent blacks as well. There are all-African-American groups who arrange the marriages of their children at the kindergarten level, and would never allow a mixed, or multicultural marriage. I knew several of them personally.

There is a whole hidden world that remains largely unseen by those who had not been fortunate enough to be born into it. Good for them, I suppose, as they will never miss it. Caste is very much alive in New York, and perhaps, one day, I will speak more of it.

I have my own hypothesis on why the south wasn't listed. Despite it being largely racial and segregated in and of itself, many racist southerns lack the fluid capital, many northerners have to insulate themselves from their neighbors. Unlike here, where once the African-Americans, Jews, WASPs have made enough money, they tend to stay within their own circles. And New York affords them this special ability very, very well.

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