Real Genius

Genius is a term we hear quite often, it's thrown around to justify people's shitty taste in music, or to ass kiss. We hear actors say that such and such a director is a genius, or Eminem is a genius. Neither is the case. They may be talented, they may be artists, but genius is not a label I would apply to anyone who has made vast sums of wealth. The label is simply the justification of itself for acquiring a fortune. How gauche!

I also don't think an IQ, or intelligence quotient test of any kind, is apt for measuring the intelligence of a genius.

David Hahn is a genius. Do you know why? Here are my reasons:

1. What normally would take up an entire building, he built a working nuclear reactor in a small shed.

Think about it, some of the greatest minds, most of which were nuclear scientists, of the 20th century, could not make a small functioning reactor like David.

2. He learned from a few outdated text books something that took a whole country tons of money and spies to acquire. I mean The Soviet Union.

David is an Autodidact, and like most geniuses he not only displays a deep knowledge of a formal system (in this case nuclear science) but also can explain it in a tangible way because he "sees" it. A genius, can take any formal system and intuitively understand it using not intelligence, but imagination. In other words his fantasies are tangible in everyday life. And we see this in David's explanations.

This is not the case with any of the media-purported and media-darlings lauded as being geniuses.

As Einstein said, "It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid."

David Hahn's brief documentary:



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