Like all things Japan? Check out these podcasts/vids from Bad Communication

Bad Communication is a podcast out of Japan, that talks all things Japan. It's different than 99% of Japanese news and vlogs in the topics it covers and its guests.

Check them out:

From their website
We’re launching several new features to the show to make things a bit more social and get the audience involved.  Check us out our live show on USTREAM every Sunday morning at 10:00am and leave us a voicemail using our new voicemail system!  We round off the show by talking about Kansai’s bid to become the ‘backup capital’ of Japan, an open air convenience store in the devastated town of Minami Sanriku, cute cat ears you control with your thoughts, the removal of the precariously perched landmark boat, a track pic, a mario inspired figure skating performance, the implementation of ‘super cool biz’ and one village’s nay sayers eating crow over the construction of a 51 foot sea wall.  All this and more and this week’s episode of Bad Communication!


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