DCUO: Trollers gonna troll…or not

The tale of the troubled troller DougieTooFresh

As Carnegie progresses in the levels, I learn that there are many things this game offers a player. Level 30, in many ways, is just the beginning. The game is designed to teach people teamwork as they progress. The alerts get progressively harder and around level 20 or so, you must ask for help. DC Universe Online is engineered to force you to learn cooperative playmanship. And, yet despite this, it still puzzles me how people make it that far at all. 

Carnegie Doing His Part

It is essential in the later alerts for people to know their roles. Quite simply, one's actions have consequences. And more importantly, one's lack of action has farther reaching implications than could be imagined. There are many different ways to play - that is a given - however that does not mean one can neglect the duty, and furthermore the interdependency, of the other roles. Sadly, it is human hubris that often misses this point entirely.

Use What You Can. Build Power and Do Damage

As a Magick user, Carnegie is primarily a Healer. If there are a few players, perhaps a Duo or a few great players in a DPS, he can get his power level up to “throw Magicks” on his own. However, that is an exception. In larger raid parties, Carnegie really needs to throw as much Magick as he possibly can in order to keep everyone alive. Casting a spell takes time, and the amount of damage that can be dealt in an instance can render your spell impotent (PVP anyone?). 

Carnegie Smash!

 Plainly said: A team that had full health one second, could be struggling to survive the next. The lives of many a hero turn on a dime in the harsh climate of battle in DCUO. Perhaps this is mostly clearly evident in The Fortress of Solitude: Power Core.

Let's not even think about The Gates

A competent controller is a nuance. He cannot keep the power supply of everyone in the team full, and yet he must try his best to fulfill his primary task to that of the demanding healer, such as Carnegie. A group may lose a few members even on the simpler t2 raids if the healer runs out of power, has exhausted his trinket, and drank his soader. There are no avenues left to tap. And it is at that time in particular, that nothing is more infuriating than seeing a controller with a full blue bar. 

As was my experience with DougieTooFresh a fellow of the league Carnegie also belongs to. DougieTooFresh was into DPS. Far and away too much into DPS. And he wasn't very good at DPS either.  It was clear from the beginning. However Carnegie gave him the benefit of the doubt. A silly thing to do in hindsight. A Controller's gameplay can usually be determined at the outset of a run. If he isn't any good at keeping your power supply usable, he is not going to be any better at keeping the power supply available during a boss battle.

But one might say, a Controller is a thankless task. And people are always demanding more, well the same can be said for the other classes as well – except that of the Healer. People don't demand more life. They either live, or die. A group which wipes will be more pissed off at the Healer than they would controller who performed poorly.

Pop Quiz: What is wrong in these screen grabs?

Hint: Powerbar

That's right. For some reason the Controller DougieTooFresh has a full powerbar. Full! Completely Full. That is not a bad thing in and of itself, however, it is in relation to the other bars that this should be a warning. DougieTooFresh is not going to be giving Carnegie enough power to keep the group alive. The whole group will wipe. It is just a matter of time. 

Like I wrote previously: One cannot neglect the duty and furthermore the interdependency of the other roles. DougieTooFresh seems more geared to put up DPS numbers. Something I heard of, and now experienced. It is a problem with a certain type of Controller. I guess every class has its problem-players. I now know of two: Glass Canon DPS and Troubled Trollers.

Carnegie asking for Juice ad nauseum (while flirting with Huntress)

Sure, one does not heal when there is no need to, so it would make sense a Controller would not troll when he needs not to, but in this case it is clear this person is an abysmal team player. There it's said. It's simple. To the point. I am not sorry DougieTooFresh if you stumble upon this critique of your playing. Or how you serve as a larger archetype of a poor controller. Learn from your mistakes, or take the hint from the chat box last time we played together. You need to give Carnegie more power.

Fuck Trollers and Tanks That's What Carnegie Is Saying - Literally

(Of course that's a facetious statement in the picture above). A bad controller is as good as no controller. Hell, I would prefer an additional healer over a bad controller. I have beaten many alerts that way.

When entering a difficult encounter without a troller here's how the conversation flows:

Carnegie: We're going to need a Controller. Or another healer. Why do we have three DPSs?

[Nothing is said as the DPSs run off.]

Carnegie: We're going to wipe without a troller. You don't put out enough DPS to end the encounters quickly enough.

One of the DPS: Healer! Heal!!

Carnegie: Are you daft? Are you new here? Did you not see what I said. Have you not seen my power bar? Were the previous heals no indication to you this may end? Is it so hard for you to comprehend that I have run out of power?

An Amazing Healer Carnegie Met

With two Healers there should always be someone left to cover a party during an alert. And if your whole team wipes, the healers share your pain. Even if it was the fault of a shitty DPS going “cowboy”. No healer likes to see someone die. Even if it was their fault. Enough of "The Healer's Lament", let us get back to DougieTooFresh.

Le Sigh

What to do with Controllers who simply will not troll? One idealistic person wrote:

This person probably thinks:
  • Prisons also should rehabilitate people. 
  • People are generally born good.
  • Bad consequences are the result of a lack of fostering and love in the home. 

I, on the other hand,  take an entirely different view. Why should I bother trying to help someone who doesn't care? It's not as if he was a bad Controller. DougieTooFresh simply did not regenerate power because he did not want to. He didn't care. And furthermore, how can I assist someone on how to play properly when I know nothing of Controlling?

There is absolutely zero value in playing with a bad controller. There are plenty of good controllers out there at this very minute. Controllers who are stuck with horrible Healers, feckless DPSs, and effete Tanks. By attributing time to a bad Controller you are also sticking a good Controller with a shitty group. 

Same Alert with the League Evolution took 20 mins.

Anyone who is a good player is that way because he did research, he learned the game, and he never stopped learning. Good players are only good because they took the initiative and dedicated time to get better.

I learned to play a healer - Nothing else in comparison to the amount of time I put into learning Sorcery: Healing. One should not have to learn another role in case he comes across a piss-poor player. If DougieTooFresh did any research tantamount to Googling "Controller DCUO" he would see how to play a good controller. If he cared the slightest about other people, he would want to become a better Controller.  And yet somehow there are a metric fuck-ton of DougieTooFreshes which somehow made it to level 30. And now, you're going to be stuck in an alert with them. It reminds me of what George Carlin once wrote:

Somewhere in the world is the world's worst doctor. And what's truly terrifying is that someone has an appointment with him tomorrow morning.

And to inflate the sense of melodrama in this post the way only a player of DCUO can understand:

Somewhere in the world is the world's worst troller. And what's truly terrifying is that someone has an alert with him tomorrow.

Or as one person put it:


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