We're All Down Here Now

I am working on a contract down in the city of brotherly love Philadelphia. Whilst a 6ft guy with long black hair and a beard and a New York Yankees shirt isn't so conspicious back home in Manhattan, I guess it is down here.

The other day I was stopped by an elderly couple in The Museum district. "Excuse me," she said. "Are you from New York?"

"Why yes," I answered, "I am."
"My husband and I are originally from New York, we moved down here 10 years ago, and our sons, who we assume are your age did as well."
"Oh!" I responded.
She continued, "A few years later all of my sons's friends from Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan moved to either NJ or PA but all in the Philadelphia area. I meet many New Yorkers here. We're all down here now!"

I guess that would explain why I meet so many people from either China, Vietnam, India, or The Midwest in Manhattan and so few who were born and raised in New York City. They're all in a diaspora in Philadelphia. 


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