EVE Online

Eve Online is a game. And that some would argue is going too far. Some say, EVE Online is a gloried spreadsheet. And, it is indeed that too.
However, the problem of EVE Online is that of old government and the established: They do not want any changes to bring in new blood.

And this leads to a very boring, tedious game.

It's European. In other words one must join a commune to experience more enjoyable aspects of the game. It is not the game for the lone American cowboy, wishing to change the system.

There is no solo PVP experience. It is often a group of players, which have certain roles, that must attack another group of players. 

If you are looking for a solo Player-vs-Player testing equally matched skill of playmanship, this is not the game for you.

In fact, EVE Online rewards you to not play it. Skills take days or sometimes a month to level. And the more you play, the more you spend and the more you play the more likely one is to run into losses.

These very real shortcomings, poses a very uncomfortable question for EVE Online's parent company CCP. Where are CCP's new revenue streams going to come from?

Further compounding the problem, is the fact that people who play EVE Online seem to enjoy not supporting the company. Either freely admit (or outright lie) about never supporting the game by purchasing PLEX using cash.

In EVE Online, using real money to support the game and extend your subscription is frowned upon.

Many older players are completely Free-to-Play (F2P). A sort of backwards incarnation of the current F2P models in some MMOs, which rewards new players in a free-to-play model, and the older players supporting their character through cash subscription.

The most uncomfortable aspect of this system is one can see CCP trying to attract new sources of revenue, but must balance that with the very whiny player-base. The very same, who do not like to support such a game by transaction, whether it be mirco or macro transactions.They threten to leave, but never do. Why should they, after all they are F2P.

Hence CCP's rather impenitent stance, on making the game both new-user friendly and trying to retain their player-base.

Incarna characters: implemented but never developed further.
Aurum Store: implemented but and slightly developed.

Perhaps the answer lies in other products. However, if DUST514 is any indication of CCP's future, things do not bode well.

Let's wish them best of luck with Valkyrie


  1. I wonder if Eve-as-spreadsheet makes them a kind of actualization of Douglas Adams' Anthem software from Dirk Gently? Data,realized as art, for no audience?


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