Obama Supporter Threatens Mass Murders on Rocky Steps of The Philadelphi...

One day after The Women's Rally and two days after The Presidential Inauguration this self-proclaimed Obama supporter works a scam on The Rocky Steps. He approaches people in a friendly demeanor asking to take their picture with their phone, then demands payment from them for taking said picture. If they don't pay, he then passive aggressively plays the race card to make them feel uncomfortable and/or outright aggressively threatens to kill them.

According to this gentleman, they'll be mass murders and he'll even kill me all because Trump is now President. This is outside a major tourist destination in Philadelphia. It's ironic the party of inclusion and against divisions and hate speech often promulgate it frequently while spewing so many ideologies of the Women's Rally and other Democratic Party values that oft end with threats of violence.

Furthermore it amazes me The Philadelphia Art Museum has not done more to curtail this sort of behavior. And as for the city, there are absolutely zero police around, which undoubtedly lends to their air of brazenness. If I were an out of town tourist, after witnessing things like this, I would never come back.


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